Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Old Journal Entry: February 15th, 2003

Poem:  Untouchable

If you touch my spirit, you've accomplished a miracle,
My eyes have cried and my voice has erupted,
I could cut a diamond with the sharpness of my soul,
Life's pains haven't made me stronger...they've made me meaner,
Take a glance into my eyes and you will see not a glimpse of emotion or pity,
You will only feel the heat generated by lies and deceit from experiences long past,
You reach for my hand and I'll reach for your throat,
Trust, I give to no one,
My tongue shall spit acid words at any would be rescuer,
For, you can't rescue what has already been lost.

Finished February 15, 2003 6:53pm


  1. Such a beatiful poem should not have such an ending. Though I disagree a lost bird with broken wings can be saved by a proper heart.

  2. Thank you for your comments!

    I wanted to clarify that this wasn't just a poem...this was slightly autobiographical seeing as to how it came from one of my old journal entries.

    I write what I feel, regardless of having the knowledge that life has its ups and downs. By writing my feelings on paper, or online, I am able to push the hurt and negativity out of my body and focus on more important, healthy things.

    You can't edit your emotions you can only deal with them as they come. Sure precautions can be taken to try and keep negative things from happening in your life that can result in future outbreaks of depression or negativity, but you can't pretend that the way you feel is fine and dandy when you really feel pain and sorrow.

    I confront my emotions head on and that's the way I get through them. I don't write to paint lessons or values...I write to free the turmoil that builds up inside of me.

    Thank you so much for commenting, I love having the opportunity to talk about my writing with other people.

    Best Regards!

    Marcus :)

  3. Oh i agree fully. I am a published poet and all my poems have to deal with my true emotions. There is simply a self-satisfaction of knowing that it is down on paper; for the world to read. I am a fan of your blog and enjoyed this poem greatly (hope you feel better though) looking forward to future reads.

  4. Thank you so much for your comment! You get exactly what writing is about (in regards to my own scribblings). I write to release the anxiety, pain, and horrors of my life. This was an old entry but it was during a time where my life was crumbling down all around me. That is why the emotion is so bitter and grossly tainted. If you don't write the truth...then why bother to write it at all?

    Obviously fiction writing is just that -- fiction. However, that doesn't change my belief that reality can't flavor the feel of fiction. My stories deal with pain, anguish, happiness, and life in general.

    Thank you once again for your comment, I always enjoy feedback and talking with those who share my passion for writing.

    Best Regards!

  5. I believe in that as well if you will not write how you feel than there is no emotion to be read, no reader who shall cry in epathy with the writers feelings. No person who shal be captivated by the moving words. Without emotions it will only be words on paper that no one will take the time of day to read. Though emotion is what makes us human right? So why be afraid to express just that. Fiction in my mind is just a reflection on someone's reality and how they choose to view the world. Now let me stop my mindless ranting... hope you enjoy your day. (if you can post more of the short stories they are such a delight to read.)