Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Unedited Excerpt From The Novel

Ok, here's another excerpt from the novel. It's raw and unedited so cut me some slack. This is where Kalin meets Saru for the first time.

****This Material Is Not To Be Used Or Duplicated In Any Way Without Permission From Marcus Wayne Twyman, The Author****

...I pulled my focus off of Luca letting my power flood back into me. It wasn’t much, but at least I had some. I was healing, but I was using my energy up as fast as I could replenish it. I pushed myself into my phase and with it I gained a little more power and strength…I needed all I could get. I looked at Luca, sprawled out on the ground lying on his stomach. Blood was pooling around his head, and there were no visible signs of breathing. Maybe I did kill the little fucker…nope, you could still see his pulse pushing at the skin of his throat. It was like the gods weren’t cutting me any breaks today! Then there was light—I really mean that. The place lit up like a baseball field at night. A wind swept through the forest like a hurricane on a war path. I was thrown off of my feet, my sides screaming in agony as their bruises were greeted by new bruises. Squinting my eyes, I looked around at my surroundings. Everything was bathed in bright white light, muting the colors of the forest. Everything had a faded look to it, like it had been run through the washer too many times. I could see my attackers moving around in confusion, the one who had been about to make me his new punching bag looked like he was yelling out orders to the rest. That’s when I noticed it—I couldn’t hear anything! What was going on?

By habit I sent my essence out over the area, and that’s when I felt it—power. It was a small quantity, but it was power like none I had ever felt. This made me look like an ant in comparison. An involuntary shiver ran down my spine as I dragged myself back to my feet for what felt like the hundredth time that night. I focused my own energy to try and locate what was blocking me from hearing. The energy that was flooding the area was actually pushing against me, but it was so subtle that I didn’t even notice! I tried to push back and the energy came alive! It was like what I had done with Luca a moment ago. The owner of this power was infusing his essence in it; basically he was everywhere at once without being anywhere. He was using his power to spy on the situation before making his move. I could do this as well—but not on this scale. The energy sensed what I was doing and in an instant it let me go. All the sounds came back to me at once, like turning a radio on full blast in one swift twist. I looked back to where the attackers were and noticed that they were all staring at me…not like they were going to do harm staring but like “oh God help us” staring. That’s when I realized I wasn’t the subject of interest, someone was behind me. I slowly turned around and what I saw scared the living daylight out of me. A khet—let me rephrase that-- a scary ass khet! He was almost six feet tall. He was phased; his hair was white, his eyes were white, and his glow was white. His skin was tan and he had a build similar to my own, narrow but athletic—toned. He pulsated with a kind of power that I’ve never felt…my mother couldn’t of manifested this much energy at once—and that’s saying something. He was wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans. He also had on a pair of black leather boots. He had a thick silver band on his thumb and a large silver bracelet on his right wrist. His face was oval, with a slightly asian look to it—like he had some relatives from that part of the world somewhere in his background. He moved out of the cover of the trees where he had been standing and walked towards me. I didn’t know what to do. Should I fight or wait, or should I say something…yeah I was definitely fucked if this dude decided he didn’t like me—might as well wait on that note. It’s not like I could hurt him anyways. He took two more steps that put him right in front of me. He was about two feet away just looking at me. It felt like hours had passed in just those few seconds, then he spoke.

“How’ve you been your majesty?”

Huh? I didn’t think that’s what I was going to hear, I was thinking more along the lines of “I will kill you, you insignificant ant” no such luck, instead I get a khet that’s the equivalent of a star going through a supernova asking me how I’ve been—and he calls me “your majesty”. What the hell was this world coming to? Somebody had to be fucking with me, I swear I thought I was being punked or something. If Ashton Kutcher jumped out and started saying all kinds of crazy, embarrassing shit I swear I was going to blast his ass to the moon. “Umm…I’m fine, kind of—not…maybe…excuse me but who are you?”

He actually laughed, “I’m someone who knew your mother…and your mother’s mother. We’ll talk, just give me a sec.”

My mother’s mother? Oh hell, if he was telling the truth—which I was pretty sure he wouldn’t be lying, then he was the oldest khet probably walking the planet. Oh happy-freaking-joy-joy, this guy was a walking, talking, relic. He started walking to where the still stunned khet were gazing and that’s when he made his move. He blurred. I’m sorry I don’t know how to explain it any other way. I’ve told you that when we run, we become invisible to Sapes. Well, that was the effect he had on me and that shouldn’t of been possible. He just vanished. Then he reappeared behind the line of angry khet that were now getting themselves back under control. “Hey, over here fellas.” The guards jumped back, and then quickly recouped. Their energy levels started to go up, and then it happened—the slaughter began. The one who had attacked me flung a surge of raw power at my new acquaintance, creating a huge static discharge that crept across every surface. The power slammed into the white haired khet and got a smile in return. “You get an ‘A’ for effort, but you get an ‘F’ for effectiveness. Here’s how you do it.” The white haired khet raised his arms straight out to his sides, and then swung them quickly together. When his hands met there was a pulse of white light that shot out from between them at an alarming speed. The light smacked into the guard, who was still standing in disbelief, and instead of just knocking him back or splitting him open—he just disintegrated. He literally became ashes. The particles slowly drifted up into the night’s wind and floated away. The path the light had taken to reach the guard was scorched and had fire burning the actual ground. These flames weren’t regular flames though, these flames were blue.

A memory surfaced, one of my mother burning the Nordic and Shana Twymkowski with a blue fire that engulfed them and left them screaming until there tongues became charcoal. I couldn’t do this trick. My mother could and until now I thought she was the only one who was able to, apparently she wasn’t. Her flames hadn’t been nearly as powerful as this guy’s.

My white haired friend began to levitate above the ground and the glow that shrouded his body strengthened. His arms were hanging down at his sides with his palms facing out towards his intended victims. The guards began firing energy and hurling debris as fast as they could, you could see pure terror etched on their faces— complete desperation. None of their strategies worked, everything that hit him disintegrated. He didn’t even try to stop their attempts at harming him. The air began to get heavy with power. It felt thick as you tried to breathe- like trying to breath in a thick syrup. The power rippled over my skin like ants foraging for food. The air once again became a living breathing, entity. The guards were simultaneously lifted from the ground. They yelled and pleaded—some still fought for their lives with a fervor that resembled madness.

The white haired khet looked at all the suspended people hovering in front of him and said, “What a shame…all of this death.”...

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