Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm Back!...Kind of

It's a beautiful day here in NYC. I'm siting here, in a local Starbucks, editing my book and thinking about all of the events that have happened within the last 4 months.

Unfortunately my great-grandfather's wife passed away as did my father's sister (one of my dearly loved aunts).

Add to the fact that I moved to NYC in February, found a job here in the city, and have been preparing for school to start...I've been completely exhausted.

So, I thought that I would come on here and apologize for being M.I.A. For so long on the many web outlets that I generally utilize, and make a promise to you as well as to myself. I will write like a maniac and keep in touch with my reader/viewer base on a more regular basis.

Thank you all for reading my fiction and for supporting my upcoming book – and thank you for understanding that sometimes life can royally screw up your plans :)

Take care and remember to live your life.

Best Wishes!


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