Monday, April 25, 2011

Writing The Sequel

Okay, so I'm on the bus, headed back to NYC from visiting friends and family in MOCO, MD over the Easter weekend.

My book, Khet Chronicles: Blodd Ties will soon be available in book stores as well as online, so what should a writer do when trying to smother the anxiety taking root in their psyche due to the fear of their "baby", their first novel being rejected by the masses??? Write the sequel!

I look at it like way or another, my books will be published. If no one decides to buy them, that's their prerogative, but I still have a story to tell, and at the end of the day I feel telling it is more important than worrying about who will like my story and who won't. gives me more reason to drink numerous cups of coffee (every writer does...and if they don't, they should!)

So, here I sit on a bus, typing and listening to music, while trying not to bother anyone sitting around me. Writing is a necessity to someone like myself. Write a book...and then write another. If you worry about sales, marketability, and opinions, then you're no longer a're a business person. Getting paid for my work is an added bonus that I look at as a perk, but not a guarantee.

Anyways :)

I'm hoping that my proof is waiting at home for me to review. I've also taken the liberty of creating my own media kit for the book so that I can start trying to land some reviews and appearances on talk radio, local tv, and local newspapers. If there's anything I've learned from my author friends on Twitter and Facebook, it's that you are responsible for your success or failure, no one else. You've got to take the reigns and control your own destiny.

I'm also looking to do a web tour on blogger sites, so if you are willing, I would love to set something up. Shoot me an email at to set a date. I'll also forward you an advance of the book in digital format....this is not ebook formatting, just me creating a PDF out of the novel for you to read before conducting an interview. I'll also forward you my media kit.

Thank you everyone who has assisted me and been kind enough to answer questions that I've had along the way.

Best Regards!

Marcus Twyman

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