Friday, October 29, 2010

New Kim Harrison Cover: Pale Demon

OK, So I was stalking one of my favorite authors on their website (don't tell anyone), and I came across her new cover for the next book in the "Hollows" series that stars a spicy, red haired, witch, named Rachel, who doesn't mind kicking butt (human, demon, or other). Yes, I'm talking about the amazing Kim Harrison.

I am so excited! I love her books and her characters, and every time a book comes out I'm first to stand in line to buy it (slight exaggeration) and then I read it in a day and wind up feeling bad that I didn't stretch my reading over two weeks so that I could savor the story slowly *sigh*

From what Kim Harrison's website says, the new Hollows book should be released in February of 2011, which means I can convince someone to buy it for my birthday! Woowho!

Make sure you check out Kim Harrison's books if you haven't already, they're everything that a good Dark Urban Fantasy series should be.

You can find out more about the author here: Kim Harrison's Official Site


  1. I love being excited about a fave author's new books!!! I'm happy for you!

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  3. I loooooove when authors I read on the regular come out with new's like Christmas! Have you read any of her stuff? You should give her a try if you haven't :)